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Feb 18, 2013 2:30pm PST
. the government has not explained why it hugo chavez has returns now. ministers admit that he is in a continued battle with cancer. >> for more on the return of hugo chavez to venezuela and what the future of the country holds, i spoke with the president of the inter-american dialogue. hugo chavez is back in venezuela. part of venezuelans any wiser about their president's conditioned? >> there is a lot of speculation and rumors. he has not said anything for a couple of months now. one assumes that he assumes thatill. you do not know what kind of cancer that he has. >> who is running the country? >> the vice-president seems to be in charge. there are other leaders of chavez's party that are being consulted. chavez is still alive. he may not be able to talk, but he is still communicating in some way. >> he has not been sworn in as president for his next term in office. do you expect that he will be sworn in? >> he could be sworn in on january 10. he could be sworn in now by the supreme court. he could possibly resigned and the vice-president will take over and there would be elections. that is a
Feb 12, 2013 2:30pm PST
? doesn't make a difference to the president's ability to govern the country/ >> i think it adds to a picture. the white house believes that having this big audience of people watching on television, i'm not sure how many people actually do sit down. they seem to think there is a huge audience and he can set out his agenda i was just saying to a colleague how many people remember what was said in last year's state of the union. they do tell you what the intentions are. they are often faced with hostility from the house. it is his chance to stress a message. the message we will be hearing is about the economy that he does not believe that trickled down economics works. a country has to grow from the middle classes out. that is what he will be stressing. he will also be saying the fiscal cliff may be back on march the first. you cannot take the country over that and threaten the recovery. >> this is going to be a heavily domestic state of the union. we do not expect more in policy. >> thank you for coming in. >> president obama will talk about drawing down american troops in afghan
Feb 11, 2013 2:30pm PST
corners of the earth. they are bought purely on economics. >> the french government summoned the industry to a crisis meeting of fraud investigators descended on the two french companies involved. somebody in the convoluted chain of supply has made a huge profits. how long has this been going on? >> that piece makes me queasy everytime i see it. but at a look at other news. malian troops have taken control of the northern city and they are doing house-to-house searches for islamist militants. there are fears that some of the fighters could be hiding among the population. but tens were originally driven out two weeks ago in the offensive by french andmalian troops. do stay with us. last night, the world's biggest music stars were out in force for the grammy awards. mumford and sons walked away with a problem of the year. there were a lot of memorable performances. >> it is the record industry's biggest night of the year. >> taking away all six of the grammys she was nominated for. this was a much more open thing. the new, young, hipsters dominating. the word was authenticity rather than fi
Feb 13, 2013 2:30pm PST
around damascus as government forces tried to retake control of areas but had fallen to rebel fighters. they are the latest battles in the civil war that has already taken 60,000 lives. one of the most pivotal moment came when the district fell to opponents of president assad. our president was there during the shelling, and tonight he has this report. >> deserted and destroyed. it is hard to a mansion this once symbolized the hopes of cirio's revolution. -- to imagine this once symbolized the hopes of syria across revolution. >> it was changing. on the revolution. it makes people think more. >> he was an activist. >> people understand this regime will never go on in a peaceful way. >> it was a one-sided battle. we watch the bombardment the rebels were powerless to stop, and most of the victims were civilians. the defense was led by the captain. they are killing civilians because they cannot get to us, he told me. later, he, too was killed by a shell. his parents are refugees. they spoke to me about the day their son decided to join the rebels. we tried to delay it, hoping things might
Feb 14, 2013 4:00pm PST
government of knowingly selling horse meat as beef. our european correspondent christian frazier reports. >> tonight, it was the french company spanghero in the dock, and the minister of consumer affairs said they sent out horsemeat as beef. >> spanghero was the first actor in the food chain to import horsemeat as beef. >> in a french newspaper, an invoice for one of the three ships that spanghero was said to have ordered in january. the total volume, and 42 tons. the ceo still insists that its company received a beep and sold but what it thought was beef. the ships travel by this facility in the netherlands. french authorities believe that spanghero ordered the course made -- horsemeat and sold it as beef. the could contain up to 100% horse. and other person in that food chain, this man, a dutch meat trader. he was here at this courthouse. to court records says he relabeled imported mexican and brazilian horse meat as halal beef. an appeal is pending. he did not return our calls, but his lawyers say he denies wrongdoing and is not a suspect. in cold storage, 200 tons of romanian horse m
Feb 15, 2013 2:30pm PST
. the charge was slapped on me during the last government. this is why i won the election by 30,000 votes. >> a lot of people find it hard to understand how ministers such as yourself up whole lot if they are facing serious charges themselves. >> just charging someone is not enough. >> but in many other countrywide, in many other democracies began many other countries -- in many other countries, many of the democracies -- >> this is an attempt to murder. attempt to murder. >> trying to change things can be dangerous, this man claims. when he tried to run against him, he tried to kill him, he claims. but nothing has happened. visiting him at his home, there were celebrations at his home. he was just promoted to transportation minister. denying he was even charged with attempted murder. >> in my political career, won a hundred 50 people have run against me, and there are -- 150 people have run against me, and not a single one of them can say that i have done them harm. >> it has to go to court. should you not stand down until you can clear your name? it is a new session of the state assembl
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)